A Trip of a Lifetime

European and Global Mystery Tours

The Windy 500 team have been running mystery tours every year since 2013, both to Europe and beyond. (we have now run two Global Mystery Tours). They have been social gatherings, major challenges, life changing events. We have driven through 28 European countries so far, from Greece in the South, Norway in the North, Romania in the East and Spain in the West. We have taken in wine festivals, ice caves, mountain ranges, lakes and castles. Iconic destinations such as Prague and Venice as well as off the beaten track destinations in Albania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. Always something new on the horizon. We have ventured to the jungles of Sumatra, the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, seen komodo dragons and orangutans and raced tuk tuks in Bangkok.  

On Thursday 23rd May 2019 we are organising a mini Windy 500. Instead of the usual 16 days and anything up to 250 miles a day, this will only be a week long and aiming for 120 miles a day or less. It's a mystery tour, so every day you'll be told what the next day will bring as we meander from country to country, from camp site to camp site via a variety of interesting European destinations.  We are taking entries on this now !  

In Autumn 2019 we shall be running another Global Mystery Tour.

Teams of adventurous travelers shall gather at an airport in Britain to be told where in the World we shall be departing for. We shall be taking in some stunning scenery, life changing experiences, exotic wildlife, beaches, tourist attractions and whatever else we find along the way. It's a mystery tour though, so you never know where we are heading until the day before.

Every few days a new information sheet will be handed out detailing the next country or the next destination, what you need to know and what there is to see and do along the way. You chose your itinerary from the choices on offer, what you want to see and do.   

The next Global Mystery Tour is setting off Friday 18th October 2019 for 16 nights. Taking in at least 2 countries, maybe more. Want to join us ?  Go to the sign up page, or contact Spooky by email, by phone or by Facebook. Spaces are limited....