European Mystery Tour

The Windy 500 isn't just a holiday, it's an experience, a mystery tour with a difference !

15 nights. 15 countries. Camping in a different country every night. 

Variety, adventure and amazing scenery

Discovering 'off the beaten track' locations as well as iconic European destinations  

Experiencing some of the best (and worst) driving roads on the continent

Socialising with like minded people and making longlasting friendships


But what do you want from a holiday ? Variety ? Social life ? Awesome driving ? Breathtaking scenery ? You've got it.  

A mystery tour of Europe, taking in at least 15 countries. Never finding out your next destination until the day before. To see what we have on offer take a look at our European Mystery Tour of Summer of 2017 and come and enjoy an amazing trip to somewhere a bit different.

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"once a year go someplace you've never been before" - Dalai Lama