The Windy 500

The Windy 500

European and Global Mystery Tours

The Windy 500 team have been running mystery tours every year since 2013, both to Europe and beyond. They have been social gatherings, major challenges, life changing events. We have driven through 28 European countries so far, from Greece in the South, Norway in the North, Romania in the East and Spain in the West. We have taken in wine festivals, ice caves, mountain ranges, lakes and castles. Iconic destinations such as Prague and Venice as well as off the beaten track destinations in Albania, Bulgaria and Slovakia. Always something new on the horizon. 

In 2015 we tried something different. A Global Windy 500. A bunch of intrepid explorers, four countries visited in a tour of South East Asia, many, many great experiences had. Boat trips, elephant riding, tuk tuks and waterfalls, but that barely skims the surface...You can see some of the amazing experiences and scenery from the last one here.    Global Windy 500 of 2015

Want to come with us next year ? Global Windy 500 2017

So, what is happening in 2017 ? We are off on another Global Windy 500. No vehicles needed, just ruck sacks, sun cream and a real sense of adventure....