Sign Up Instructions

Sign Up Instructions

The Tour starts in the evening of Friday 15th June 2018. 

You will be advised of the start details nearer the time, but it will be starting and finishing in England.

Every day you will be advised of the next destination and will receive some suggestions of what to see and do on the way. This information will be delivered by hand (the famous Windy information sheets) every evening, or can be received via e-mail if you are feeling a bit more sophisticated.


In general, the destinations given out will be camp sites. This doesn't mean you have to use them. Teams have previously used hotels throughout, or a mixture of both, but the majority will camp.

Want Us To Book It ?

Want to rest easy, knowing all your camp sites are booked in advance ? We can do that. We'll even order you an ACSI Card to save you money on your campsite bookings. For another £350 for a team of 2, you can have all 15 nights camping booked and paid for in advance. The price for a team of 3 is an extra £410, for a team of 4 it's £490. 


Each team is responsible for getting themselves to the next destination. Route planning is down to you. It is your choice when you set off, whether you take the rural route or the motorways and what you want to stop and see on your way. Generally we try not to do more than 250 miles in a day, many days are much less. 


 It's a common question. How much will the trip cost ? Well, it depends on many factors. Your fuel economy, how many in your team to share the costs, the standard of food and accommodation you'll require... We could go on. You'll need to budget for approximately 2500-3000 miles worth of fuel, add on 15 nights camping/hotels, a return ferry crossing across the Channel, food and drink. Don't forget to allow for road tolls, vehicle maintenance, entry fees, insurance, roadside recovery and anything you've forgotten to bring. Now, divide that by number of team members.

Need some more information ?

Here at Windy HQ we appreciate that this idea of travel can be a bit daunting. You may have all sorts of questions and concerns. You wouldn't be the first team. We have taken several teams who had never driven on the continent before, some who had never camped before. If you feel that this sort of trip might appeal, but you need to talk it over, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help and advise. Message us on Facebook or drop us an e-mail at . We will do our best to meet up face to face if you prefer. 


Entry Fees  (June 2018 )

Team of 2     £325 

Team of 3     £350 

Team of 4     £375

Team of 2 with all camp sites booked £675 

Team of 3 with all campsites booked £760

Team of 4 with all campsites booked £865

Introducing a new team ? 

For those teams who have been before, if you introduce a new team, we shall give you £50 towards your fuel costs for each new team or introduce 4 new teams and we shall refund your entry fee (not including campsite fees) !

What is NOT included

1. Vehicle Costs (repairs/insurance/maintenance, etc)

2. Fuel

3. Tolls

4. Ferries

5. Food & Drink

6. Entry Fees to tourist sites, etc. 

7. Travel Insurance.

8. Anything else that isn't a campsite fee (if you have paid for campsite fees). 

How to Pay

There are 2 ways to pay. Contact us at for bank details to make a direct bank transfer. Alternatively, you can pay direct using Paypal or a credit card by using the link below and selecting the correct amount due.

If you are trying to register a team of more than 4, please contact us to arrange.  

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Please click SIGN UP to go to the entry form. 

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If you need any more information, please feel free to contact us.