Global Mystery Tour.....

Pack your bags, ditch the motor, we are off again in October 2019. 

Just as we did back in 2015 and 2017, we are off in October 2019 on another Global Windy 500. No vehicles this time, just back-packing for softies. Bags full of variety, still a mystery tour. Let us plan the route, book the transport, choose the hotels and find those mind blowing experiences. You'll find out where we are going.....when we get to the airport. 

The Global Mystery Tour departs UK on the evening of Friday 18th October and returns to Blighty on Sunday 3rd November 2019 (subject to confirmation), .

How it will work

  1. On successful application you will be informed (nearer to the departure date) where to gather at a drinking establishment not far from a UK International airport at a time designated by Windy HQ.
  2. Here, you will be presented with your flight details, ticket (or tickets) and information regarding the accommodation that has been booked at this first destination. 
  3. In true windy style you will be given an information sheet with details about the area you will staying, what to see and what to do. This information is meant as a guide only and we aim to highlight the most important ones for you to visit but the choice of what to see and do, as always, is up to you.
  4. The Windy 500 team will be with you on the trip but not to lead you around like a bunch of sheep! You will be free to chose your own path, to do your own thing, to pick out what might interest you. We shall just be advising you where you need to be to catch your next transport, when you have to be there and where you will be staying at the end of each day.

The rest of the adventure will follow the same pattern.

This is NOT a guided tour with a tour guide leading you around from one place to the next! You may have to find your own way around by any means available, navigate the local customs and culture, find your hotel and converse in whatever language the locals speak! We will of course be on hand when we are socialising to give advice and help. And there will be a designated place each day where you will receive the infamous daily sheet!

We will book all major travel and accommodations in advance for you in a variety of destinations. We hope to locate you in some of the more unusual places but aim to provide you with relative luxury but relative good value as well. None will be primitive or basic and we hope you will all approve of our choices. We shall be chosing places with good write-ups from Trip Advisor and other travel blog sites.

How much will this fabulous trip cost ?

Unlike road based Windy 500's and the nature of this adventure the cost of travel and accomodation will have to be paid at the times listed below. Unfortunately, this far in advance we are unable to give accurate figures for what the flights, hotels and other transport will cost so we can only estimate based on this year's prices. We estimate that the main flight will cost in the region of £700 per person and the accommodation and other transport also around £900 per person (based on 2 people sharing) and the entry/arrangement fee will be £250 per person. Prices for children's flights may be lower. 

  • The main flight payment of £700 needs to be paid by March 31st 2019 at the latest.
  • The accommodation and other major transport payment by May 31st 2019 at the latest.

If you are planning on having your own room every night, there may be additional accommodation costs. Let us know if this is the case and we shall give you a figure for single occupancy. In fact, if you are planning on coming along as anything other than a pair/couple, we would like to know. There will, more likely than not, be price differences for children sharing parents rooms for example. 

These amounts should cover all major transport and accommodation. It also includes breakfast on most days. You may need a small amount for visas, you will need spending money for taxis, food, drinks, entertainment, entry fees for various sites, etc.
There will be some optional trips and activities that we shall provide details of nearer the time.
To sign up and reserve your place the entry fee is £250 per person, however, to reserve your spot, all we are asking is a deposit of £150 now, with the balance being paid after the flights are booked. If the flights cost less than £700 then your change will be put towards the accommodation and transport, thus reducing the final balance in May. 

Places on the trip are by invitation only. If you would like to join us and you haven't been on a previous Windy trip, please contact us to discuss. As soon as you have been accepted, paid your entry fee and completed the entry form, you are guaranteed a place on the Tour.

What happens next ?

  • read and agree to our terms and conditions for global adventure.
  • complete the online booking form (if you have been on a previous trip, we probably have these details).
  • pay your required entry fee (which is non-refundable) either by Paypal at the bottom of this page or direct bank payment. Bank details will be sent to you by email once the online booking form is completed. 

You want even more details ? Read on.......

There are apparently many far flung, exotic and highly unusual lands to be found beyond the boundary of Europe. Exotic animals, beautiful beaches, stunning scenery. 

  • the daily ritual of pestering poor Spooky for the latest update and directions will of course continue.
  • information on local currency, stunning scenery to see, things to do and experience, places to eat and drink, fascinating buildings, wild and exciting towns and cities, flora and fauna .......
  • advice on getting around, dangers and annoyances and other useful stuff.
  • accommodation will generally be of a reasonable standard hotel (often with a pool) but there might be some overnight travel where living standards may not be quite as high. There may well be a boat trip. There may even be one night of sleeping in a tent. 
  • in true Windy style, we probably won't be staying in one country for the whole trip.

Hot or cold - what should I pack ?

It will be warm again - think thong rather than fur coat, sandals rather than wellies, sun cream rather than scarves. We aren't going to Asia, been there, done that....

Can I bring kids ?

Only if you have the permission of their parents. We shall be bringing one, but be aware, the trip is over 2 weeks and although it should fall over the autumn half term, it will mean children missing some school. Again, the accommodation (and possibly travel) costs might vary a little. If you are planning on bringing offspring you need to have completed some details on the application form. We shall report back on any price differences but much will depend on age and whether they are sharing your room.

Anything else I should know ?

You must have health and travel insurance. We shall also advise you on any medical advice you should know before we set off. This may be by sealed envelope delivered to your doctor without you seeing. We will arrange this once you have made your final payment. In the same way, if you have any medical issues that you think we should know, please inform us before we go. 
We have limited the trip to only 20 spaces, so please sign up as soon as possible.
If you have any queries or issues not memtioned above or for any other matters regarding this amazing adventure, please feel free to make contact with Windy HQ on Phones, email, Facebook are all checked regularly.


If you prefer direct bank payment then details will be sent to you by email once the online booking form is completed.

Amount Due

It's going to be another unforgettable experience !