European Mystery Tour

The Windy 500 isn't just a holiday, it's an experience, a mystery tour with a difference !

Setting off from Britain, we shall be visiting 15 different countries along the route.   

This will be the fourth European Windy 500 adventure, and as usual we shall be seeking out the as much variety, experiences and amazing scenery that we can.

Discovering 'off the beaten track' locations as well as iconic European destinations  

Experiencing some of the best (and worst) driving roads on the continent

Socialising with like minded people and making longlasting friendships


But what do you want from a holiday ? Variety ? Social life ? Awesome driving ? Breathtaking scenery ? You've got it. Bring your vehicle of choice, a motor home, a Lotus, a Morris Minor or an ambulance....we don't care ! This trip of a lifetime is open to ALL vehicles. 

"What do I like about the Windy 500 ?  Being taken out of my comfort zone and doing things I might not normally do. Meeting new people. Sitting round the camp site chatting about the days adventures."- Gemma, Team Newlywed. The first Windy 500 was her honeymoon. 

"Are we still in touch ? You bet. Those who have been on the Windy trips become family. We all had new experiences, forged new friendships/relationships on our journey" - Robin, Team Trigger (his daughter Tash recently married Craig who she met on the first Windy 500). 

A mystery tour of Europe, taking in at least 15 countries. Never finding out your next destination until the day before. To see what we have on offer take a look at our European Mystery Tour  of Summer of 2018 and come and enjoy an amazing trip to somewhere a bit different.

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"The Windy trips push you just enough to challenge your comfort zone whilst exposing you to amazing places and wonders you may never find on your own." - John, Team Lotus.