The Mini Windy 500

A new event for 2019. The Mini Windy 500 . Aimed at those who want to experience a driving holiday on the continent but want to take an shorter route, aiming at no more than about 120 miles a day. The Mini Windy 500  will still be a Mystery Tour, still have the group cameraderie, still have much of the variety of a normal Windy 500 European Mystery Tour, but with less driving between destinations. 

Perhaps you are new to this continental driving malarkey ?

Perhaps you've only recently acquired your brand, spanking new motorhome and want to experience something a bit different ? Perhaps it's just you, your pop tent and motorbike.  

Maybe you  would appreciate doing it in a group, meeting new people and would like some advice and pointers on the way ?

Perhaps you just want to spend more of your holiday seeing sights, taking it easy, socialising and soaking up the continental experience in several different European countries? 

On the evening of Thursday 23rd May 2019 we shall link up at a campsite in Southern England with the aim of setting off the following day across the Channel ** to our first camp site destination for the first of 7 nights. Every day you'll be informed where the next stop will be, also what there is to see and do on the way or at the destination plus any other useful information that we feel you might need. You are free to set off whenever you feel like and chose whichever route you fancy. Alternatively you can travel in convoy with the organisers.   

Interested ? Want some more information ? Contact us, always happy to advise. 

Head on over to the sign up page to book your spot on the very first Mini Windy 500 in May 2019. 

Sign Up Here  

** We are aware that Brexit may or may not be happening in March. This may or may not have a significant impact on costs and logistics of travelling in Europe. If the current status quo does change dramatically before we leave then the trip might become a British Mystery Tour. A refund of any entry fees paid will be offered to those not wishing to do this.