EMT Terms & Conditions

EMT Terms & Conditions

Please ensure that you have read these terms and conditions carefully before applying for The Windy 500. We would like you to be fully aware of what you can expect from us and also what is expected from you. Although these terms and conditions may be written in a light hearted manner, the message and its meaning should be taken seriously.

1. The choice and the purchase of your vehicle is down to each team. The stipulation we previously set to gain entry to the Hall of Windy 500 hero worship is that it should cost no more than £500 OR be over 30 years old at the date of leaving. This stipulation is no longer in place, however if you truly wish to enter in to the spirit of the event, then much kudos can be gained from sticking to these limits. Others may insist on all of the luxuries in life, getting around without oily hands or such a sense of achievement. You however can take a glow of contentment home with you and tales to scare the grandchildren.    

2. For those of you with a swish car or van that you really want to take on the trip and don't care about the hoots of derision that will be coming your way, you may bring whatever vehicle you like. 

3. This is not a package tour. Please do not expect to turn up with your suitcase and be ushered around like sheep. We are visiting some countries which may not see a huge amount of tourism, at least not much British tourism. As such, they may not have English speaking tour reps, English speaking doctors, or even English speakers. There will be many times when you and your team of intrepid travelers will be out there on the road on your own. You may at times find it necessary to drive long hours in hot, (or cold), wet (or dry), unpleasant conditions, the accommodation or food available may not always be top notch, . In short, be aware and be prepared to rough it occasionally, and just be aware that we will not be there to hold your hand at all times. We are generally contactable for advice and will be at the chosen camp site each evening. We shall be providing a few suggested places to stay near each destination. These will only be suggestions and the organisers accept no responsibility if the accommodation is full/poor quality/too expensive/rat infested/substandard in any other way. Having checked in at the check point, you will be free to find whatever accommodation suits your own budget and desires. If these thoughts and facts scare you, well, perhaps an all inclusive holiday in Ibiza might be a more sensible option.

4. Each day, every team will be provided with a destination for the following day. It is likely to be somewhere between 100 and 250 miles away. The information will hopefully include a grid reference and a map of the locality to help participants find the destination. You will have approximately 24 hours to get to that destination, allowing time to visit sites, enjoy a lie-in, take a more leisurely route or just get lost. This event is not a race. Please refer to note 6 below if you are in any doubt.

5. Vehicle maintenance and the necessary vehicle documentation will be your own responsibility. Finding vehicle insurance that covers you in Europe is a necessity, finding European breakdown cover is also recommended. Many insurance companies will cover a vehicle in European Union countries with a green card. We might be visiting some non-EU countries within Europe. It may well be that in some of these countries you will need to purchase insurance on the border as your own insurance company will not cover you for this country. It is likely that this insurance that you purchase on the border is the bare minimum required to meet local traffic legislation (ie third party only). If you feel that you need comprehensive insurance, please seek the advice of a broker. 

 6. Complying with local traffic legislation will also be your own responsibility. We do not condone speeding, drink driving, any form of dangerous driving or in fact any driving offences and any fines or punishments you may pick up due to your irresponsibility or poor driving are entirely down to you. We shall do our best to advise you on any unusual traffic laws and peculiarities before we enter each new country (I’m led to believe that in some parts of Europe they insist on everyone driving on the wrong side of the road, even the British.)

7. Please ensure that your whole team have valid passports before we travel. Some countries insist on you having 6 months validity on your passport after your return date. If you do need to renew a passport, you can spend a whole day in Newport and pay a fortune if you want to do it the day before we leave, or you can make sure it is valid well in advance and do it by post. Your choice, your responsibility.

8. Independent road travel, in fact any road travel abroad has its dangers. Standards of driving, road surfaces and conditions of other vehicles may be considerably lower than you may be used to in the UK. You may be driving a vehicle which you may not be completely familiar with, with road conditions you may not be entirely familiar with. We would urge you to proceed with caution. We would also urge you to make sure that you have adequate motor and travel insurance. It will be a condition of participation that you are able to demonstrate that you have suitable insurance before we leave the UK. We accept no responsibility for road traffic accidents, alcohol related accidents or in fact any sort of accident.

9. Unlike many ‘alternative’ holiday services this type of trip is, by its very nature, unpredictable. For this reason our published itineraries, costings etc should be seen as statements of intent, rather than contractual obligations. A variety of factors including (but not limited to) civil unrest, war, transport difficulties, strikes, sickness, quarantine, local regulations, weather conditions, natural disasters, and other force majeure may cause us to alter the stated programme, and/or incur additional expenses. The project leader will consult the team members and make any changes necessary, but you will be responsible for any additional expenses incurred, which, depending on the circumstances, may be recoverable on your travel insurance. We will endeavour to keep changes to a minimum, but if they are necessary they will always be made with the group aim, as well as the enjoyment and welfare of the group in mind. We cannot be held responsible for the results of any changes or delays if caused by any of the above factors. However, we would like to stress that the problems outlined are unlikely events, even in these remote areas.

10. We are not a travel agent and hence we are unable to book ferries on behalf of the group. You will be expected to book your own ferries at your own expense. We are expecting to take a ferry or Eurotunnel out of the UK at the beginning of the trip and back again at the end. This needs to be booked by each team.

11. We reserve the right to refuse any application without giving reasons. An entry fee will be required to secure your place on the event. This deposit is non refundable unless the event is cancelled by the organisers. 

12. Although we may have some first aiders on the trip, your own health and fitness are your own responsibility. If you have a medical condition that could cause concern, please report this to organisers or at the very least to your co-driver and consider whether your participation is likely to put yourself or others in danger. An EHIC form will provide you with some cover in some EU countries. We may have some paracetamol and bandages available but probably no dialysis machines or defibrilators. Once again, I would strongly recommend health insurance and a first aid kit per vehicle might also be sensible.

13. Everyone is entitled to their opinions on race and diversity however we would like to make it clear that whilst in other countries we will be under scrutiny. We may well have video cameras with us and we will be highly visible and noticeable travelling in piles of brightly coloured British registered junk. We are keen to promote a positive (though slightly eccentric) image of British people abroad and do not want to be associated with loutish behaviour, bad manners, racist abuse and similar. If you feel the need to get blind drunk every night and tell the local inhabitants what you think of their religious beliefs or dress code, please don’t apply. We expect participants to behave in a respectful manner and where possible accept the local codes of conduct. The tour will not stop should anyone find themselves incarcerated having upset the locals in any way.

14. Once we are on the road there will have to be a fairly rigid timetable set. We may have ferries to meet and other deadlines. Hence, should a team or participant have any problem which will prevent them continuing with the event, the rest of the teams will have to continue without them. Catching up instructions and directions may be requested from the organiser.

15. Whilst we would positively encourage photography and video footage being taken on the trip for your own use, any commercial use or broadcasting of footage from the event needs to be approved by the organisers. You may not sell footage of the event yourself without the permission of the organisers.

16. Whilst individual teams may seek sponsorship and advertising from companies to meet their costs or to raise money towards Julia’s House or any other charity, please do not offer overall sponsorship of the event. Please make it clear to any potential sponsors that their sponsorship is limited to your own vehicle and team.

17. If you have any doubts or queries regarding any of the above points, please feel free to contact the organisers to clarify.

19. All participants will be required to sign a copy of these terms and conditions at least one month prior to the event. This form will be sent out in due course. Participants will not be eligible to come along unless they have signed to say that they agree with the terms and conditions.