Windy 500 of 2014

16 Days of Mystery Tour June 13th 2014

At 6pm. Weymouth Football Stadium again and the crowds had gathered to see the teams off. All there, ready to depart...except one. Jezebel, having been overfilled with oil, was making very slow progress towards the start line. She got there....just. 

And so, to Munster in Germany. 

From Germany, the teams pressed on through Denmark and on to the ferry to Norway. 

The stunning scenery, the lakes, trees and the fjords. Mindblowing views, winding roads and pretty camp sites greeted the teams as they explored southern Norway. 

The views from Pulpit Rock at Priekestolen near Stavanger were awesome. 600 foot sheer drop in to the Lysebotn Fjord.

From Priekestolen, the teams headed north towards Bergen, then on to Flam where the railway winds it's way up on some of the steepest railway line in the World. 

The next stop was the Stave Church at Borgund, followed by a night on the edge of the fjord at Kaupanger. 

With Midsummers Day only two days away, the teams were now offered a chance to make the long drive north to the Arctic Circle. Many felt it was too good an opportunity to turn down, the opportunity to see the Midnight Sun. 

So, with seven teams off at the crack of dawn to head as far north as possible, the remaining teams made it to Geiranger Fjord, considered to be among the most picturesque. I'll let you decide...

Midsummer found some of the teams having a bonfire on the banks of a fjord just inside the Arctic Circle, with 24 hour sunlight. 

Whilst the southerly teams found themselves hob-knobbing with the mayor of Alesund and watching their 32 metre bonfire going up in flames...

The following day, some of the teams heading back south were spotting elk...

Whilst the southern teams were taking in the Atlantic Coast Road to Kristiansund. 

The teams reformed in Oppdal and were soon heading south again. A quick visit to Lillehammer to see the Olympic Ski Jump on the way....

An evening of fun and games at the camp site near Hamar. The log game made an appearance, along with a bottle of Jaegermeister and a Norwegian honeymoon couple. 

The next day brought a new country. Sweden and the city of Gothenburg. Waiting for us at the camp site were some familiar faces, Team Swede, Martin, Anna and Jonas, who had joined us on the previous Windy adventure. 

The Oresund Bridge was opened in 2000 and connects the cities of Malmo in Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark. It also gave us the opportunity to form up as a Windy convoy and take a few photos. 

Next stop, the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. Not only gardens, but amusement rides, live music and a Bosnian restaurant with Gypsy musicians. Lucas taught the gang how to break dance.

As most of the teams departed Copenhagen for Flensburg, Jezebel was again having some mechanical problems. After being recovered to a garage overnight, her journey on the Windy 500 of 2014 seemed to be over. Team Jezebel however were not about to be beaten. Despite only 3 functioning cylinders and against the advice of the recovery company, they set off to catch up with the rest of the team. 

In Groningen, Netherlands, Sean managed to beat a family record by consuming 40 spare ribs. 

The teams, including poor Jezebel, converged once more at a camp site near Brugge for the final blow out, the issuing of the certificates, speeches and general horse play. A Wild West themed night produced much hilarity, some disturbing costume choices and a number of sore heads...

The general consensus is that all the teams will be back, no matter where the next Windy takes them..... So, will you be joining them ?

It is better to travel well than to arrive. – Buddha