Windy 500 in the School Holidays

Ok, we hear you. It's not always possible for everyone to get away for 16 days during term time. What if there was the option to do the same mystery tour, but during the school holidays ? 

Well, now you can.... 

Alas, many of the camp sites will require booking in advance, but we can do that for you. Many of the camp sites will be more expensive during peak season. We will do our best to negotiate prices downward where we can. 

As camp sites will need to be booked well in advance, the entry fee and camping fees have been combined. 

This is a new venture for 2018, running the same mystery tour twice, once in June and once in July/August. The same route, just during school holidays. 

Setting off on Friday 27th July for 16 nights away visiting 15 different countries, taking in the sights and experiences along the way. 

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