Windy Vehicles

In 2013, they came in many shapes and sizes. As you know, they had to cost under £500, however owners were free to jazz them up a little, fix, modify, improve or just add a little garnish.

Other teams had other ideas of what is the ideal vehicle to tour Europe would be. Team 27 for example went for something entirely different. Still within the £500 limit, still with a bit of a head turning quality and still with room for a bit of amusement value, Team 27, Nik and Gemma from Banbury, Team Newlywed were looking to travel in style. They even took their chauffeur Craig with them.

With a maximum price of £500, participants had been struggling to find anything particularly up to date. Team Red 5 failed miserably to locate a modern vehicle and had raided a barn to find a real treasure. They wanted a British vehicle and Doris the Morris fitted this description. At 52 years old, she was the oldest vehicle in the fleet. She got around, with a few issues. One for the true mechanic I feel.

Team 12 had expanded in to the world of corporate sponsorship. With their discrete little Bedford camper van newly painted in camouflage pink, they were certainly a sight to behold. 

Team 6. One of the first teams to become mobile. They found a Volkswagen T4 with an engine in bits. They have lovingly restored it and installed a kitchen area, fridge, dining table, illuminated spice rack and many other mod cons. I’m informed that Jim and Lucy will soon begin work on the West Wing and the conservatory. Not content with the full interior makeover, they had taken Milly (for that is what she is called) across the channel through France and Germany to the Swiss Alps priorto the Windy 500.

Team 46, Robin, Sam and Natasha, had acquired a Mitsubishi Delica. They called it Trigger, after the Only Fools and Horses episode involving Triggers broom. It’s the same one he has had for 27 years. Mind you, it’s had 7 new heads and 9 new shafts….you get the picture. Trigger was a bit thirsty, but with a decent 2.8 litre engine, is great for towing the rest of us when we break down.

Team 7, or Team 007 as they prefer. Lots of Trouble Usually Serious. Team Jedward as they became known. Under the leadership of John, they purchased a Lotus for barely £210. It had some minor issues as you can imagine for that price. No engine for a start. It seems the guys knew what they are doing though. Eddie, Steve and Steve helped to get this pile of junk in to a more sensible order. 


Team 19 were the first team to acquire their vehicle. Father and son team of Richard and Mark planned to cover the ground as fast as possible, by going for speed rather than comfort (no kitchen area, no pop top, all very odd…) they purchased a Proton Satria. Sleek and speedy. But no kitchen area.


Team 14, also known as Team Nightmare had a decorated LDV minibus. Ladiva, for that was her name, was decorated by a local school only the day before we set off. Cat, Vicky, Holly, Mark and James made up the team. 



Team Trauma, Syd, Mark, Roy and Ben managed to acquire a decommissioned ambulance. She turned out to be an excellent camper van once they had removed a lot of the equipment and installed a table and awning.                                                                                                                              



There were of course several other vehicles and teams that all played their part in the Windy 500 of 2013. There was the Citroen C5 of Team 31, the Lexus of Team 41, the Kia of Team Wessex and Team Swede in their Peugeot and the Toyota Supra of Team Supid. Take a look at the gallery page, there are lots more photos there.

Team 27, Nik and Gem, this time in Bob, their Volkswagen T25, at the foot of the Eiger in Grindelwald, Switzerland.